Advice On Aoe Vera And Leg Ulcers

by Pat


My elderly uncle (80yrs )and a very keen garderner, is suffering with a severe leg ulcer, caused by a knock

After many months of treatment his problem is getting worse. The area looks very red and angry and he is in a lot of pain

The medical staff have investigated his problem (circulation etc) and found everything to be okay. So he continues to use pressure bandages.
As he lives in Guernsey, he pays for his treatment and it is costing him a good deal of money.

Would Aloe Vera Juice be of any benefit or would you suggest Aloe Vera gel on the wound. We have previously used this on burns and found it to have great healing properties.
Thank you

Pamela says:


Sorry about the situation your uncle is in, and also thank you for sharing it with us on this website.

Well, Aloe Vera Plant health benefits span from ancient times. The ancient people from Africa identified an interesting category of plants-herbs that could be used to nourish and revitalize the body.

For instance, they extracted the pure juice from the Aloe leaves and used it as a tropical ointment to treat burns, skin diseases and wounds. They rubbed Aloe Vera leaf over cuts in the skin to prevent infections and to speed up healing and even today most people still do it!

What Am I saying here, let your uncle drink the pure Aloe Vera Gel (direct from the plant) that has been made into a juice (clear gel + water) and also clean the wound and apply the clear gel directly.

He can start by applying to a smaller part of the wound, see if there is any reaction before he does to the entire wound. This process can be repeated twice a day.

Aloe Vera related allergies are rare. Though, hypersensitive people may experience some Aloe Vera allergic reactions mostly to using Aloe gel. This may include people with allergy to garlic, onions, tulip or other plants of the liliaceae family. This reaction may affect only the outer skin. It may appear in form of a rash or feel of itchiness.

Aloe Gel has a dramatic ability to heal wounds, ulcers and burns by putting a protective coating on the affected areas and speeding up the healing rate.


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