Aloe Vera Internal Use Has Tremendous Health Benefits..

Aloe Vera Internal use has tremendous healing powers according to Research Studies.

We live in a taxing and pressurized world and seek relief from a variety of symptoms related to this lifestyle. Our bodies become physically taxed and depleted of energy and necessary nutrients. Our metabolism is also affected. Many people are turning to pure wholesome products in an effort to deal with some of the negative elements associated with modern lifestyle.

Some of the health benefits of using Aloe Vera internally are:-

1. Taking Aloe Vera internally destroys parasites, harmful bacterial and fungi in the intestinal tract.

2. Aloe Vera penetrates skin to reach tendons, muscles, joints and lymph system and promotes the growth of new tissues.

3. Benefits of Aloe Vera when taken internally, is that it can increase the proliferation of lymphocytes and stimulate natural immunity through killer cell activity.

4. Aloe Vera has a strong effect on the immune system. It activates and stimulates macrophages, monocytes, antibodies and T-Cells as well as increases the number of anti-body forming B cells in the spleen.

5. Internal use of Aloe Vera helps removes toxins and dead tissue.

6. Aloe Vera is a pain and allergy inhibitor.

7. Using Aloe Vera internally has the ability to relieve bowel tension and help produce bowel movement.

8. In wounds, internal use Aloe Vera helps hemorrhaging and helps close cuts for cell regeneration and healing.

9. Aloe Vera provides nutrition and produces an anti-inflammatory action. It also has a wide range of antimicrobial activity.

10. In-vitro experiments have been carried out on numerous organisms and have regularly shown that in normal strength, Aloe Vera is either bactericidal or bacteriostatic against a number of common wound pathogens.

(Ref:Coats BC (1979) The silent Healer, Amodem Study of Aloe Vera, Texas Garland

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